SAE (Site Advertising Engine)


Internet marketing is growing and evolving.  There are many ways for your business to be found on the internet. Some of them are SEO, another way is pay per click and a new way is using an SAE (Site Advertising Engine).

An SAE (Site Advertising Engine) is an internet marketing tool that incorporates multiple features designed to improve your website�s presence on the internet. These features include the ability to perform a search on all major search engines and the Bizness Search business directories from one location, free white page ads and full page ads appearing in 20+ business directories.

Here is an example of a SAE full page ad that appears in 20+ business directories on the internet.  The links below show two of the directories in which the ad appears.  Notice the two different domains.

This full page ad appears on 20+ directories on the internet which will allow search engines to find the site in multiple locations on the internet with about 100 link backs to the site.  This will give the company a broader web presence and has the potential to draw more clients to the site. This will also help the company with search engine rankings due to their website appearing in more locations on the internet.

Another innovative tool an SAE (Site Advertising Engine) provides is a way to  perform searches on all major search engines and receive the results in one place. For example, if you visit our home page,(,) you can search for a term and select which search engines you would like to see search results for.  For example, if you perform a search for the search term �insurance,� you will automatically see insurance companies included in a business directory at the top of the results, as well as view the search results for Google, Bing or Yahoo.

The business directory results shown at the top of the page provides a cost effective way for companies to be listed with major search engines results for competitive keywords. This will prove to be more cost effective than other web advertising programs.

SAE (Site Advertising Engine) is a new, up and coming approach to internet marketing. We invite you start advertising by clicking on this Site Advertising Engine sign up link!