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Click on this link Free Ranking Reports to see if you are in the top 100 ranking position on Google, Yahoo, Bing and other Search Sites.  Click here Free Web Site Grader to get feedback on your site. 

Understanding How You Are Ranked - Free Tools

Major search engines like Google use tons of inputs to rank web sites including Meta tags, your keywords in your web site, page ranking info and more. Click here Bizness Internet Advertising Free Site Analysis  for a free analysis of your web site's Meta Tags. Click here Page Rank Explained  to start understanding Google's Page Ranking method. Click here Free Web Site Page Ranking to get  Google's Page Rank for your web site.  (Page Rank is not the same as Web Site Ranking)

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Click here for  Google's Search Engine Optimization .  Click here for  Microsoft's Search Engine Optimization For Bing .   Click here for 23 SEO Tips .   Click here for  5 Steps To An Effective Web Site

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Bizness' Internet Advertising gives you web site analysis and SEO tips to improve your search engine rankings, has no pay-per-click charges, gives you a full page ad that you can edit as often as desired, and places your full page ad on over 20 Business Directories.  Your ad caption and web site links are also found on 4 Business Search Engine sites and multiple Blog sites.  Click here  Benefits of Bizness' Internet Advertising  to find out more reasons why you can cost justify our web advertising services!